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Catherine would love to hear from you! Whether you're another author or someone who admires her work, here is how you can stay in touch!

Books and Bites blog

Check out Catherine's blog where you can find her latest thoughts on everything from her own novel to what she's reading right now. She also has a feature where she interviews other authors with a setlist of questions about the writing process and their novel that are fascinating insights for other authors and readers alike. If you would like to be interviewed, head to the interview page to learn how to get in touch. Interviews that are already on the blog have been given the same questions so please feel free to look around so you know what to expect.

Catherine Gardiner's Official Facebook page

If you are already on Facebook, why not Like Catherine's page or discuss her novel? Her writing keeps her very busy so there is no guarantee of a reply, but feedback will be passed on to her. We ask that everyone be respectful to one another, as well as about Catherine and other authors, as the page will be monitored.

Catherine Gardiner's Offical Twitter

More of a tweeter? Catherine uses twitter to keep in touch, read what her followers are upto and to retweet her favourites. She will always try to reply if she can so send her a message telling her how much you're enjoying her novel, Forgotten! Read on to see her latest tweets and retweets!

It's worth remembering that there are several people called Catherine Gardiner, but only the links on this page will get you in touch with the author of Forgotten (In The Shadows: Book One). Regardless of whether they say they are her or coincidentally have the same name, you can only trust the links on this website.

Email Catherine Gardiner

For those that would prefer to get in touch via email, Catherine can be contacted using the Ask Cat option on this website's contact form, although you may not get a reply. This email address is mainly used for Q&A sessions with Catherine which will be announced in advance in the news section as well as on her blog, where she will answer them. Anything sent to her email may end up being published on the internet, so please state if you wish to remain anonymous (your email address will never be published).

To get in touch with the Site Administrator regarding an issue about this website please select that option on the contact form where it will be answered as soon as possible. Please note: Catherine Gardiner does not run the website herself so keep that in mind when you email.