Ask Cat

Do you have a question about Catherine's novel that you'd love her to answer? Do you want to know her inspiration for a particular character? Perhaps you're interested in getting published yourself and would like to know what made her start writing and how she found the process. Regardless of the question, Catherine would love to hear from you!

To send in your question please email using the Ask Cat option on this website's contact form and, if appropriate, we will pass it on when she holds a designated Q&A session (as specified on the news page and on her personal blog). We cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered and you may not receive a direct response, but we endeavour to pass on as many as possible and Catherine will answer them as and when she can.

We reserve the right to edit questions so they are more readable and to remove profanity. Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous, otherwise, details such as your first name, last initial and country (if given) may be published on the internet. Your email will not be used for any other purpose.


Ask Cat: Edition 1 (13th October 2012)

The first edition is out, but please don't hesitate in sending more of your questions to us and we will pass it on in due course. Thank you for your patience.